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The home system allows you to set a number of home locations which you can later revisit. You have one default home, which you can visit any time free of charge, and an unlimited number of named homes that you can set inside of claims. You can invite people to individual homes, or even make one of your homes accessible to the public.

  1. Commands
  2. Using your homes
  3. Inviting people
  4. Restrictions


Cavetale’s home system comes with a command interface, but all you need to remember is the command for the main menu, /Homes which will give you a list of all your other options, which you can click.

Using your homes

To use your own default home, use /Sethome to set it and /Home to visit. All of this is free of charge. Usually, you would set these at your main base as it is the place you will visit frequently.


If you would like to store additional locations, there are named homes. Setting a named home is free.
In this example, you would set and visit a home named “mine”.

/Sethome mine
/Home mine

If you later wish to delete your home ‘mine’, use the following:

/Homes delete mine

Inviting people

Inviting other people to your homes is easy and free of charge. For example, this is how you would invite Notch to come and visit your default home, assuming it exists.

/Invitehome Notch

If your friend is online, they will be notified that they were invited and can follow the invitation by clicking in chat. To find the invite later, they can simply list all invites.

/Homes invites

They will find your name on their list and click it. Their default list will appear, which they can simply click to visit.

Invite to named home

Let’s look at an example with a named home. You need to supply the name of your friend first, then the name of your home.

/Sethome castle
/Homes invite Notch castle

Your friend would perform the exact same steps detailed above. Type /ListInvites, find your name on the list, then find the named invite. And of course, if they are online while you invited them, they will already have a clickable notification on their screen, no searching required.

Retracting an invite is even easier than making one. Just get the list of invited people, then hit the edit button.

/Homes invites

Public invite

Sometimes it can be useful to grant every person on the server access to your home, say if you made a farm you want people to use. Sending out a public invite can be done as follows.

/Sethome farm
/Homes public farm [alias]

Your home will then show up on everyone’s /visit list.