Daily Quests

Black0ut1 edited this page on 2023-03-14

Daily Quests give you something new to do each day in exchange for items and rolls on the accompanying Daily Game.



Each day, three new quests are generated for you.  Two of them can be completed on your own and involve tasks such as breeding animals, killing monsters, mining blocks, harvesting crops, locating Cavetale Dungeons, or eating specific food items.

The third quest will be a group activity that requires multiple players to complete, such as sharing friendship items or playing a minigame.

After completing a quest, you may retrieve its reward item(s) through /imail.

Daily Game

Each time you complete a daily quest or collection, you will be rewarded with a dice roll.  Dice rolls are used to progress through Daily Game boards, which contain prizes on some spaces.  Available rolls will be displayed in the three white boxes on the upper-left side of the board.

Up to three dice rolls can be used at once, however only one dice’s result can be selected.  Using multiple dice rolls for one move is advisable when in close proximity to Bonus Chests, all of which contain a custom server item, in order to increase your odds of landing on it.

Upon completing a board, you will be rewarded with Tier progress and another dice roll.

Additional dice rolls can be purchased in exchange for Kitty Coins by clicking the blue plus button on the bottom-right corner of the board.